Andy Ruston : Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Flute, Words, Music.

John Weathered : Guitar, Music.

Minal P Minal : Drums, Loops, Samples, Music.

Mark Hartley : Bass, Music.

Swivel made a name for themselves playing original music that combines modern technology, musicianship and a healthy warts-and-all rock and roll attitude.

Performances were developed spontaneously at gigs, with the benefit of a vast array of sounds all being generated from a thrashing four piece combo !

The music connects with audiences across a broad spectrum of tastes and consequently most people draw comparisons to whatever their own personal preference is.

Music for Heads and Feet

The tracks for the first EP ‘Music For Heads and Feet’ were essentially recorded ‘live’ in the studio on an 8 track machine. The only overdubs being vocals for the sake of clarity, backing vocals and the occasional stunt guitar. No sequencers are used and samples and loops are being triggered from the drumkit in real time.


A rope as fine as a silk but strong as steel

Slipped its knot round my waist

Careful now, eyes closed

With night vision

Leap out

I can make it all the way across
Leap out
All the way across
Leap out

With this silk steel rope you gave me

I could tie me to a tree

Or I could jump the great gap

Explore the other possibilities

Love so sure, so loyal, unthreatening,
So free to explore
Mini skirts, brown legs

Kisses never to forget

Forbidden, wonderful, terrible serets to confess

We were fifteen, we whispered then,

We raged against our silk-steel bonds.

We held each other soft and sure

Against all acid tongues!

Leap out
All the way across

Leap out
All the way across
All those possibilities

Words by Andrea J Rushton


Into a spiral we fall

Our minds break up splinter and together reform

We step upon the pathways of air

So weightless out bodies

Laughing, we climb

Though our feet never touch

A single tangible platform or stair

A golden aura surrounds her


And we dance in and out of each others dreams

Our fingertips touching

Mirrored our souls it seems

A transient song in harmonious tongue

Spirals from within

Our clear sweetened lungs

Words by Andrea J Rushton


Your voice was there
It sounded like you
ut your body just floated by

And your head was lost in a mirrored box

And the clock began to cry

Your confidence is wrapped up in

An overcoat that’s wearing thin

You take it off, you put it on

Each time another button’s gone

And glimmering through the elbow threads

The mirrored box that held your head

Now holds a hand that beckons you

And sure enough another clue

Becomes as clear as sand and dust

A door swings open

In you rush

Perspective shifts, blink your eyes

Solid is liquid 

And it’s all
A state of mind

A howling moon and a streaking star

Hung together in the night

A car door slammed and the traffic jammed

And the butter spread the knife

Words by Andrea J Rushton


I dreamed of lightning
It was cutting through the building
And in this big yellow room
We were watching.
As it flickered and bristled
In a frenzy of electricity,
Was it hunting, hunting me?

It came in bursts and cut right through
And at each lapse, we, terrified,
Gasped and swooned;
Trying to guess where to be in the room
And we all moved as one body
We all moved as one body
Was it hunting?
Hunting me?

Words by Andrea J Ruston


Here I am,
I’m just a Spark
Burning up my bit of energy
In the dark

I am one of a host
A mob, a hive, a mould – alive
To be the trillionth ghost

Am I awake?
Am I asleep?
I can’t be sure,
I’m in too deep

I am two, one tame one wild
Though I would like to think it
I am not self-styled

I am three,
Whirling thoughts
One is past
Two is now
Three is my future course

Words by Andrea J Rushton


Other additional tracks were never previously released but have been dusted off, tweaked and added to the collection