Live at Hangar 18

Live at Hangar 18

Phat sounds and a jazz attitude..

A selection of improvised music played in realtime using live bass, drums with triggered samples and loops funky beats, and a few extras

Sometimes this gets recorded. sometimes tweaked. often neither. These are snapshots..



guest vocal by vince


Pigskin Bus

one fingered keyboard by mark, darabouka blag by porgy, vocal samples from altered states, rebirth pig by wes


Pig Latin

shave & a haircut by mark


Tit For Tat

gibberish samples courtesy of nick haynes



vocal samples from twelve monkeys ©


The Danbury Sheiks

radio squelches generated by audiomulch


An Internal Monologue

internal monologue sian handle, vocal samples bill hicks ©, kit re-kaossed by porgy



crazed maniac fuzztone solo by mark


Just A Ride

pad keys by wes, vocal samples bill hicks ©


All tracks © funkpig 2002-2003

Recorded at Hangar 18

Engineered by mr pu, dr duckman, primate and funkpig

produced by funkpig